Tips On Purchasing Gold And Silver

Everyone is looking for the next big thing in investing, for a stock that will double or triple in price or a business that will make them financially stable . Sometimes the best assets to put your money into are not the ones that are traded on a stock exchange, but rather are capable of being held in your hand. Investing in precious metals is becoming an increasingly popular option for beginner and advanced portfolios alike since the values of gold and silver tend to increase at a more consistent rate than currencies. What should you know about metals if you choose to put your money into them?

Chart showing value of the u.s. dollar

Golden Is Good

If you had purchased one hundred dollars worth of gold bullion or valuable coins several decades ago, it would be worth one thousand dollars today. There are few commodities in the entire world that have a better increase in value than this metal, since it is not only quite rare but consistently in demand. The quantity of this valuable metal is quite limited, even when new mines in parts of the world open up their operations to increase supply. Investing in bullion is more popular than investing in coins, since coins need to be appraised in order to have value while bullion can simply be weighed in order to figure out its value. Before you begin investing in gold, however, you will need to decide how exactly you want this metal to be kept and stored. If you want the physical metal itself, you need to provide the security for it (such as a good safe) or keep it in a bank’s safety deposit box. Many people who do not want to risk it being stolen or lost can put their money into a gold trust, by which a third party holds the physical metal and allows the investor to decide how much or how little money will go into the investment. The steady, dependable growth is what makes this metal so appealing.

Saving gold coins

Shine Like Silver

In contrast to bullion, silver tends to have much greater volatility. This means that anyone with an eye for buying low and selling high can potentially earn a large amount of money investing in a silver ira. They are also sold as bricks or bars or coin, but are valuable for more than just their pretty appearance. Silver is a vital part of some electronics and computer equipment, meaning that commercial industries are willing to snap up quantities of the metal that private investors may not want. As such, you can always find someone interested in purchasing the metal in large quantities. The value is not pegged to any nation’s money supply, so there is no guarantee of minimum growth. Silver jumps up and down in price quite frequently, so an investor will need to be prepared to monitor highs and lows of their investment.

Keeping Jewelry On Hand

Some people like to add a little bit of fun to their investment by investing in physical metals in the form of jewelry. Since shiny metals can be paired with beautiful gems to create a work of art, it seems to be a natural choice for an investor. The reality, however, is that jewelry is not a commodity in the same way that metals are, and a ring or a necklace is only worth what another person is willing to pay for it. As such, it is not weighed or kept at standard rates in the same sense that investment metals are. For those who want to have metal in the form of jewelry in order to accent an investment (or to show off to friends), it is not recommended that you have much more than a few percent of your total assets in jewels and gems. Instead, keep bullion or coins.

Shop Around

One of the best points for investing in any type of precious metals is to understand the different markets in different countries of the world. While the prices of gold and silver are set at a per-ounce rate, there are regions of the world where the overall cost is still lower. For instance, cities like Hong Kong have no duties or import taxes on bullion, making it less expensive to buy the metal in the city, transport it out of the country, and re-sell it. While few investors have the time needed to set up a metal-trading operation, they should consider only spending their money in nations where the prices for metals are kept lower than other neighboring regions.

Make Your Money Work For You By Investing In Precious Metals

All one has to do is open the papers or turn on the news to see we have major financial problems. From huge deficits to ever increasing debt, the financial picture for many governments, businesses and people is grim. For people who invested in real estate, they are seeing dramatic declines in the worth and valuations of their properties. Real estate investors are often unable to sell their homes for what they paid and find themselves under water on their mortgages. Many who invested in the stock market are finding their portfolios decreasing in worth and they will have to hold on to their stock for a long period of time to try to recoup their money. Others who have worked hard to invest money in their company’s 401K plans are finding their net worth greatly diminished and that they are unable to retire on the money they have saved.

With all the chaos and uncertainty of the realty market, stock market and other traditional investments it can be a challenge to find a safe, money making investment. A good option for those who want to grow their wealth without high risk is investing in precious metals. For centuries, silver and gold have been valued and treasured by civilizations around the globe. In today’s volatile market, these precious metals are still highly valued and the market demand does not show signs of declining.

Investing in gold and silver is a smart way to grow your wealth. Impervious to the volatility of real estate markets and able to withstand the fluctuations of the stock markets, placing your money in precious metals is a way to ensure your money stays safe. Metals are in demand in every market around the world allowing you to shop prices when you are ready to sell and get the best price possible.

There are many ways to invest in metals, so you can pick the one or ones that are right for you. Gold and silver bars, coins, certificates, exchange trade notes, exchange trade funds and even miner stocks are available so you can invest in the ways that make sense to you. No matter which way or ways you chose to invest, you are investing in safety and stability and against inflation, global financial uncertainty and currency debasement when you invest in metals.

Many money managers and financial advisers advise investing three to ten percent of your investment budget in metals. Other more aggressive managers and wealth building advisers suggest an investment of twenty percent to get the maximum benefits of buying into the metals market. Whichever investing advice you decide to go by, you can rest assured you have made a wise investment. When you put your money into gold, silver, platinum and other metals you are putting your money into a market that has grown exponentially in the past few years and shows no signs of slowing. In fact, the market for gold has multiplied by five in the last decade and people who invested in it ten years ago are finding themselves with profits that have at least quadrupled their initial investment. That kind of return on investment is not uncommon or unexpected in the metals market making it a top choice of savvy investors.

Every investor is looking for ways to grow their wealth and minimize their losses. Investing in silver and gold offers a terrific opportunity to meet both those goals. Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone just getting started, put your money in metals and you will soon see how easy it is to grow your wealth. With the security of knowing you can buy, sell or trade your assets anywhere in the world, you can feel confident you will always be able to get the best price possible just by shopping and comparing rates worldwide. Kingdoms were built through the riches of metals and the value has only increased since ancient times. Build your wealth and a secure investment strategy by putting your money in metals. If you are unsure where to get started or which options are best for your financial goals, talk to your financial adviser and see what investment strategy they recommend you follow. Once you have the guidance you need and know where and how much you want to invest you can get started building your wealth and securing your future. With prices and demand higher than ever and steadily rising, there has never been a better time than now to invest in metal.